Genint SA provides professional administration and accounting services to companies in a diverse range of industries. We convert information into insights to uncover the hidden opportunities that can help our clients improve efficiency and performance.

We provide our clients with a full range of tax planning, and audit services. 

Legal and Compliance Services

Non-compliance with regulations has increasingly become a major threat to a company’s reputation. The increased costs associated with the required structure to be compliant can also threaten a company’s ability as a going concern.

Today, not only banks and insurance companies are facing a myriad of regulations. Companies in all industries need to take a thorough look at their capabilities to deal with this regulatory challenge.

Genint’s structure provides Legal and Compliance solutions that are scalable and affordable to our clients. This enables them to improve bottom line performance by containing the costs related to mandated services and provides them with an added level of security and protection.

Genint regards compliance as an opportunity to increase transparency, gain better visibility into the business, and make faster, better decisions. This means that you can expect to get a return on your investment.

Company Incorporations 

On behalf of its clients, Genint incorporates Swiss and Foreign companies, often with limited responsibility, providing a full service package. Our domiciliation service enables Genint’s clients to register a head office and/or business address at one of our addresses.

We provide directors for Swiss and foreign companies. The delegated director of Genint subsequently handles the administration and management of the company based on an arrangement made with the client. In accordance with the clients needs, we are structured to manage the accounting, tax, audit, and Annual Meeting arrangements for the company.

Compliance in Switzerland

Confirmation of the formalization of compliance in Switzerland is evident from the fact that the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision issued the document “Compliance and the compliance function in banks” providing a framework of principles for the banks’ governance of compliance risk management.

On this basis, Switzerland adopted two levels of regulations, one concerning the banking sector and the other concerning all other financial institutions. Going beyond the banking industry, the interesting and challenging insight from this issuance is threefold.

First, there is a clear expectation that Compliance has a formal status within the company and is adequately addressed by senior management and the board of directors.

Second, it is acknowledged that the management of compliance risk and its organizational set up must fit in the company and its unique compliance risk challenges and that there is no single organizational or operational approach.

Third, despite, and together with, the necessary organizational freedom, there is a general understanding and expectation with regard to certain basic design principles of a compliance risk management organization.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Genint is fully experienced in handling M&A agreements and has more than ten years experience with Eastern European country transactions. Our policy is to keep up front fees low, with a success fee when the project comes to a successful conclusion. We believe this is less costly to the client than the up front fee structure of traditional M&A firms.

  1. Once we have developed a clear understanding of the client’s selling or buying requirements and strategic goals, we then determine the client’s timing, tax consequences and interest in future involvement.
  2. Genint then engineers a customized marketing strategy to identify potential targets.
  3. Pre-qualified and motivated targets are then approached with a confidential buyer/seller profile that describes the basic opportunity without disclosing enough information to identify the company.
  4. Genint works in partnership with the client’s legal and accounting team to orchestrate a definitive agreement that finalizes all details of the transaction. We coordinate negotiations, letters of intent, due diligence and financing options, enabling our client to obtain maximum value.

Business Advisory

Companies incorporated with us, in addition to our external clients, benefit from additional expertise in the areas of Marketing and Management.

More often than not the unrealized potential in a company is three to seven times greater than current sales. We use a collaborative approach to our advisory engagements, working with our clients to find solutions to their marketing and management challenges.

By applying highly effective non-standardized concepts that focus on maximizing your business processes towards greater growth, we are able to close that gap and transform a company’s marketing and management performance from average to superior.

Our analyses, evaluations, solutions, and implementations are all result and performance based. Your increased efficiencies and maximized value will be the most reliable testimony of what we can attain for your business

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