With its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, Genint S.A. provides a broad range of business and financial advisory services. Our experience stems from having incorporated thousands of Swiss and Foreign companies. In addition, being located at the heart of one of the world’s most important financial centers, we leverage our banking and business relationships to their benefit. Our clients will profit from our:

Efficient and effective structure

  • Our Legal and Compliance department provides security and protection to our clients
  • Expert accountants provide you with all your accounting needs
  • Our management and marketing solutions produce exponential gains

Extensive experience

  • A seasoned team with a broad range of expertise
  • Long-term experience with Emerging European based businesses
  • Over 25 years experience working with Russian speaking countries
  • Track record of successful advisory mandates in diverse sectors

Tactical execution skills

  • Ability to match the right partners with the right deal to maximize success
  • Ability to structure processes in order to close transactions within a short period of time

Strong network of strategic and financial relationships

  • We leverage our direct access to our key contacts within the Swiss and Foreign Banking Community
  • Strong Western, Emerging European and Asian business relationships
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